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Pregnancy and Childbirth Management
Ministry of Health
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Course Director: Dr Fatma Al Hinai

Pregnancy and Childbirth Management

As you know pregnancy & childbirth management are very important and critical areas of health. 

This area needs a high level of knowledge and skills of health providers because two lives are dependent on this; a pregnant mother and the fetus as well.

This online course is an integrated, technology-based approach for improving the knowledge and skills of health care providers for better management of pregnancy and childbirth in Oman. 

This Online Training Course is based on updated “Pregnancy & Childbirth Management Guidelines, Level- 1, A  Guide for Nurses, Midwives and Doctors; 2nd Edition, 2016”, which will serve as Reference Guidelines for this Training. 

Target: Healthcare Professions

Duration: 2- 3 hours