About US:  
OMSB affirmed the value of fostering a positive leaning environment through its  
Strategy Plan and Roadmap 2040. The need for creating virtual learning  
environments would help OMSB to establish the foundations for life-long learning  
and continuing professional development. OMSB understands the importance of  
future integration between simulation, faculty and resident development  
modules, e-resources and research training provided by different OMSB  
departments, which would maximize the synergies between life-long learning and  
workforce productivity. OMSB has started already the e-learning solutions aimed  
at residents and other healthcare professionals (including practicing/non-  
practicing professionals across medical, nursing and allied health).  
To enhance learning experiences through creating accessible and interactive  
methods not constrained by time and place  
To enhance the professional learning offerings provided by OMSB through  
understanding the learning needs of the health care professions.  
Maximize learning opportunities and translation of knowledge by adopting a  
highly engaging and interactive digital platform that would optimize costs and  
increase revenues to OMSB.  
Identify the need to develop tailored content that leads to quality education  
and facilitate sharing of best practices.  
Improve and manage life-long learning and continuing professional development  
in the health care sector in Oman.