Contains all courses, workshops and materials needed for health research.


Research is a mandatory and integral component of all training programs in OMSB. All residents are expected to complete at least one research project as part of OMSB requirements for completion of training. In addition, other healthcare professionals are expected to be engaged in research as part of their career development. In order to achieve this task, researchers must learn how to generate research ideas/questions, formulate hypotheses, review and critically appraise relevant literature, finalize research design and methodologies, assess related ethical aspects and produce good quality proposals.

In this regard, the Research Section at OMSB offers this workshop which is focused to help researchers to choose appropriate study design and finalize research methodologies related their projects. Residents may attend this workshop during their first research block in early residency years. 

General objective

By the end of this workshop, attending participants are expected to be able to finalize study design, sampling and sample size, data collection methods and tools

Target Audience: Residents in early residency (preferably R1/R2) who have not gotten ethical approval yet. Other health professionals may also be considered.

Duration: The online course might take around 2-3 hours.


Research Methodology Part I is an online course aims to simplify the initial steps in research. It outlines the basics of research question, proposal writing and study designs. It is designed for postgraduate healthcare professionals who are considered as beginners in research. However, other candidates may enroll into this course easily.

Course Outline

Module 1:  Importance and types of health related research.

Module 2: Introduction to research question, study objectives & hypothesis.

Module 3: Literature review.

Module 4: Overview of different study designs.

Module 5: OMSB guideline for research proposal writing

Duration: 2 hours